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Building Marriage Corpus using Mutual Funds

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1 1/2 years to marriage

One of our friend was asking: Sir we have accumulated 5 lacs for my sister's marriage...I hv to invest those funds for one and a half year...pls suggest me some funds in which I could invest the same.

  • My view is that: 1 1/2 year is too short a time period to try equity or even balanced mutual funds schemes. So our next option is to try debt funds. I would probably go with Short Term Income Funds.. perhaps DSPBR Short Term Fund and BOIAXA Short Term Income Fund. DIRECT Plan - GROWTH Option in both cases.
  • I will invest 50k in DSPBR Short Term Fund. Next week, i will put 50k in BOIAXA Short Term Income Fund. I will repeat the process for a total 10 times .. so in 10 weeks i will do all the investment and then sit tight.
  • DSPBR Short Term Fund was chosen for liquidity reasons. No entry and exit loads. So, you can redeem it as and when you are in urgent need of funds.
  • BOIAXA Short Term Income Fund has an exit load of 6 months. This means that it is better to stick to the investment for a minimum of 6 months.
  • The schemes might give 9 to 11% percent returns
  • Check Mutual Fund Websites for link to MF websites to start investing online.
  • Answered on June 30, 2017

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