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Building Mutual Fund Portfolio

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MF Portfolio for a 10-year investment

I have sip in dsp black rock micro cap , mirae asset emerging blue chip, Franklin smaller company , ICICI Pru value discovery , Franklin prima plus. Last two names are not performing well but I will continue for now. I want to invest some additional sips .. What names u would suggest ? My sip will be for more than 10 yrs horizon

  • I think the composition is fair enough.
  • ICICI Pru Value Discovery (being multicap) and Franklin Prima Plus would give u cushion in market fall times. Despite that they giving 30% and 37% respectively in 1 year is a decent return i feel.
  • If you still have some spare money, add them as lumpsums to exisitng schemes rather than going for another newer scheme.
  • Adding more schemes would increase risk without adding more value for retruns, my feeling
  • If you still want some names, Reliance Small Cap Fund - Direct plan - Growth option can be looked at. But remember, that this will increase smallcap weightage to your pf.
  • Let us review the scheme composition and performance again in 6-months time
  • Date: Feb 24, 2017