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Health Insurance

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Is your present health status important for getting medical insurance?

Definitely yes.

In fact, the under writers take this as a very important point in determining your premium.

We already know that if you smoke or chew tobacco or if your drink often, you are likely not be issued the policy or the premium.

Your BMI too is also an important factor.

A health person is likely to get a good deal in getting an insurance policy at attractive rates.

Will my insurer provide my pre-policy medical report?

In most cases, the insurer provides the medical report after the issuance of policy.

Very few of them do offer the medical report prior to the issuance of the policy. Bajaj Allianz is one of them.

Baroda Health

If you are healthy and consider you will rarely use it and yet want a cheaper health insurance, go for a group mediclaim policy offered by banks.

My preferance will be for the "Baroda Health" (Mediclaim Insurance Policy) offered Bank’s Account holders.

You will have to open a savings account and then go for the policy. U can make the premium payment by chq.


The good thing with Baroda Health is that they cover for medicines and consumables like cotton, bandages etc. that even full-fledged insurance policies do not cover.

So the Baroda Health policy can work as an add-on to your existing health insurance policy. Also useful for those who are already covered by the employer and who fear of lack of insurance when resigning from the employment.

Health insurance for the family

I already having a star health policy, premium 6100, coverage 3 lak, members age is 29, 24,1...Is it worth? Should I continue in this policy?

I think worth it since u have taken at a young age. The no-claims and your good history will add up.

Certain typical operations like tonsillitis for kids will not be covered till 3 years for most insurance policies.

So for young adults, it is imp to take a full-fledged normal health insurance policy

For aged adults, it depends on our affordability to take a full fledged policy. If tight in budget, atleast take the group insurance policy. Some coverage is better than no coverage. My view.

Health insurance policy for grand parents

Any medical insurance companies are there to provide insurance to my grandparents

Star Health provides good ones specially for the aged.