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Insurance for the family

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Suggest a good Life and Health Insurance plan me, age 33, wife 29, daughters 4 years and 5 months, father 61 mother 58

  • Term insurance, for you, i would suggest Aegon iTerm policy. It is an online policy that cover till 85-years of age.
  • For you, wife, daughters, go for an family health insurance policy. I would prefer Cigna TTK over Star Health insurance, ICICI Pru and HDFC. The premium works around 14k or so for 2-year cover. You can get premium costs online. Do check with other health insurers once before deciding. Usually, all of them give the same type of service but be meticulous in finding out what is included and what is not included.
  • For your father and mother, being aged, a private health insurer policy will be very expensive. Star has some good schemes specfiic for old-aged. Getting a policy after 60-years of age will generally be difficult and the premium costs will be high. In most cases, they end up without any health policy which is not a good thing. But, do consider a medical policy called Baroda Insure.