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Mutual Fund Distributor

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A Mutual Fund Distributor is a qualified person who can suggest an investor to invest in Mutual Fund Scheme according to the financial goals of the investor. He is a liason between the investor and the Asset Management Company.

Mutual Fund Distributors have to appear an examination conducted by NISM under the aegis of SEBI and then enroll will the the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI).

They help investors in the documentation process such as KYC, FACTA, getting Aadhar linked to folios and other investor-oriented activities.

MF industry adds 8,000 new distributors in eight months

The mutual fund industry added 7,846 new distributors in the calendar year 2017. As a result, the number of total individual ARN distributors was at 75,866 as on August 2017, shows AMFI data. The data shows that the total number of mutual fund distributors registered with AMFI including non-individual ARN holders increased by 9684 to 92,565 in 2017. If we include EUIN holders (employees of distribution firms), the total number of distributors goes up to 2.02 lakh, as on August 2017. It went up by 35,533 from 1.67 lakh in December 2016.

Source: Wise Money dated 2 - 5 October 2017

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