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Mutual Fund Utilities (MFU)

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What is MFU

MFU or Mutual Fund Utilities is a company formed by some asset management companies who came together to offer a single login to transact across various mutual fund schemes offered by them.

So with a single login, you can get a snapshot of all your investments and make transactions within them.

How to check eCAN status?

Stat by visiting

Type in ur email ID & click look up.

U will get a verification code on ur email id.

Type in this code in the verification box & click verify.

Then u will get a new screen with your CAN details.

Under 'Actions' column, click the right most icon to check status of ur ECan...

My MFU CAN number is generated. What next?

After the generation of the CAN number, MFU will automatically send an email in about 24 - 48 hrs of generation of the CAN Number. The email will give you instructions on creation of your MFU Login.

However, if you have not received it, send an email mentioning your CAN Number to

The email that they send will contain a link to create your MFU Login. This link will be valid for 24 hrs only.

If you have not received the login link email even after sending the email, after 4 to 5 days, call the customer care and connect to Technical Section for the link regeneration.

Mapping folios created outside MFU

If you created a MF Folio manually outside MFU after creation of the MFU Login id, here are steps to get it mapped to your MFU:

Have to call & inform MFU to map once new folio is created directly thru AMC website. N also hv to raise a complaint request using the 'connect' option in MFU website.