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Reliance ATM Card

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Reliance ATM Card is a ATM Card that is similar to your bank ATM Card.

Only Reliance MF in association with HDFC Bank offers the ATM Card.

Cash withdraw limits are there depending on which ATM you use.

You can get the card only when you make the investment in a Primary scheme

Primary Schemes

  • Reliance Liquid Fund – Treasury Plan
  • Reliance Liquid Fund – Cash Plan
  • Reliance Money Manager Fund

These are the primary schemes ​​​​==Secondary Schemes​==

  • Reliance Corporate Bond Fund
  • Reliance Vision Fund
  • Reliance Dynamic Bond Fund
  • Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund
  • Reliance Floating Rate Fund - Short Term Plan
  • Reliance Equity Savings Fund
  • Reliance Gilt Securities Fund
  • Reliance Focused Large Cap Fund
  • Reliance Gold Savings Fund
  • Reliance Growth Fund
  • Reliance Liquidity Fund
  • Reliance Income Fund
  • Reliance Medium Term Fund
  • Reliance Index Fund - Nifty Plan
  • Reliance Monthly Income Plan
  • Reliance Index Fund - Sensex Plan
  • Reliance Regular Savings Fund - Balanced Option
  • Reliance Media & Entertainment Fund
  • Reliance Regular Savings Fund - Debt Option
  • Reliance Mid & Small Cap Fund
  • Reliance Short Term Fund
  • Reliance Pharma Fund
  • Reliance Arbitrage Advantage Fund
  • Reliance Quant Plus Fund
  • Reliance Banking & PSU Debt Fund
  • Reliance Regular Savings Fund - Equity Option
  • Reliance Banking Fund
  • Reliance Top 200 Fund
  • Reliance Diversified Power Sector Fund
  • Reliance US Equity Opportunities Fund
  • ​Reliance Small Cap Fund

​​​​Secondary Schemes​ transactions are allowed only at HDFC Bank ATMs

Is it advisable to put lumpsum money here?

Put some base money into them and add to it monthly till ur targeted emergency fund is created.

In most cases debt funds will be safe (except when demonetization type of news comes in)

I won't be using it for regular transactions. It is only to park idle money & redeem only in emergency situations.

Perfectly suits the need.

Take the card with minimum investment in the primary scheme

The rest of money can be in a short term / bond fund so that it can grow

Tax conscious investors who want to put some money that does not want to be redeemed within one year could consider Reliance Arbitrage Advantage Fund.

How to get the ATM Card?

There is a separate Reliance Any Time Money Card Application form that you need to fill and submit to Reliance MF office

You can apply for it from Reliance MF website at

The card is valid in India only. Not sure if there are any restrictions for using for online transactions.

Up to 50% of the Balance or 50,000, whichever is lower can be withdrawn in a single day. So make your investment appropriately.

The closest alternative to this is Birla Sunlife App that allows to transfer funds from Bank to MF and vice versa. But it does not offer ATM card nor can it be used online.

It can be used to get a bit extra out of idle bank balance.

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