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Stopping a SIP in MyCAMS

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In this lesson, we will see how to stop an ongoing SIP in MyCAMS.

It may be recalled SIP or Systematic Investment Plan is an easy and disciplined method of investing, particularly in Mutual Funds.

MyCAMS is the front-end online interface provided by the mutual fund registrar CAMS.

Now, it so happens that, after starting a SIP, you might want to stop the ongoing SIP.

This might be because you started in the SIP in the wrong scheme or plan. Or you might have felt that SIP in that scheme is no longer necessary.

Understand that stopping of SIP online from MyCAMS is possible only in selected fund houses from amongst those offered by CAMS.

Further, Cancellation of SIP can be initiated only if SIP registration is done through myCAMS.

Now lets get started with the steps.

Login to MyCAMS at

Click on My Transactions icon in the top menu bar.

Click on Systematic Transactions in the text menu bar.

You will be able to see the ongoing systematic transactions.

Notice the Cancel link in the row for each of the SIP.

Click the Cancel link and then confirm the cancellation.

If the Cancel link is disabled or if the Cancel button does not show confirmation, it means that either that AMC does not allow online cancellation of SIPs or that the SIP was not started in myCAMS online.

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