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Systematic Transfer Plan

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STP allows switching funds from one scheme to another

Allowed STP Dates are: 01,07,14,21,28

The dates differ from one AMC to another.

For instance assume i made Rs. 25000 investment in a debt fund

I want to switch Rs. 5000 to equity fund per month

So, i will give that switch instruction here

I will give an instruction that on 1st of every month, switch Rs. 1000

Then i will add another STP instruction

I will give an instruction that on 7th of every month, switch Rs. 1000

This way, i will give 5 instructions for 5 differnent dates

So every week, 1k will get transfered.

When there no funds in your debt fund. the stp automatically gets stopped.

So i just make sure that when ever i get some big amount, i put it into debt fund.

And switches will automatically take place.

Switch gets stopped when debt fund dosent have minimum money.

Got it?

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