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What is your view on market after LTCG tax? Shall we keep invested or take out money and put in other instruments?

With the Finance Bill, 2018 tabled as part of the Indian Union Budget 2018, the Finance Minister has announced a proposal of 10% tax on Long Term Capital Gains (LTCG).

Similarly, a proposal was made for Dividend Distribution Tax (DDT) on Dividends from Equities.

No other asset class gives more compounded returns than equity.

So, stay invested in equity shares and equity mf as per your existing plan.

No need to change your investment plan because of change in tax for LTCG or Dividends.

Filing returns

Whether short term long term capital gain will be deducted automatically or need to add in tax filing separately

No. Capital gains fall under the income-tax head called: Income from Capital Gains. They are not automatically deducted by your stock broker or mutual fund company. You need to compute the gains yourself and then pay the tax and include this information in your income tax return.

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