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Mutual Fund Websites

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Website Addresses of some Mutual funds and Registrars

Mutual Fund House MF Official Website MF Online Transaction Website
Aditya Birla Sunlife Mutual Fund Aditya Birla Sunlife Official Website Aditya Birla Sunline MF Online Transactions
Axis Mutual Fund Axis MF Official Website Axis MF Online Transactions
Reliance Mutual Fund Reliance MF Official Website Reliance MF Online Transactions
BOIAXA Mutual Fund BOIAXA MF Official Website BOIAXA MF Online Transactions
DSP Blackrock Mutual Fund DSP Blackrock MF Official Website DSP Blackrock MF Online Transactions
Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund Motilal Oswal MF Official Website Motilal Oswal MF Online Transactions
IndiaBulls Mutual Fund IndiaBulls MF
UTI Mutual Fund UTI MF Official Website UTIMF Online Transactions
Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Franklin Templeton MF Official Website Franklin Templeton MF Online Transactions
HDFC Mutual Fund HDFC MF Official Website HDFC MF Online Transactions
ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund ICICI Prudential MF Official Website ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund Online Transactions
IDFC Mutual Fund IDFC MF Official Website IDFC MF Online Transactions
Invesco Mutual Fund Invesco MF Official Website Invesco MF Online Transactions
SBI Mutual Fund SBI MF Official Website SBI MF Online Transactions
Tata Mutual Fund Tata MF Official Website Tata MF Online Transactions
L & T Mutual Fund L & T MF Official Website L & T MF Online Transactions
Canara Robeco Mutual Fund Website Canara Robeco MF Official Website Canara Robeco MF Online Transactions
Sundaram Mutual Fund Sundaram MF Online Transactions
LIC Nomura Mutual Fund LIC Nomura MF Official Website LIC Nomura Online Transactions
PPFAS Mutual Fund PPFAS MF Official Website PPFAS Online Transactions
Essel Mutual Fund Essel MF Official Website

Other related websites

When you are investing in several schemes managed by the same registrar (such as BSL as well as DSPBR), invest or transact from MyCAMS or MF Utilities

Best website to source data about mutual funds

The best location to get data about mutual funds is the website of the AMC itself. The Factsheet and Monthly Portfolio are good source of information. and have good articles, tools and tables to get information about various schemes. They also help compare between various schemes, rank schemes and give past performance data. These websites are good because they have and maintain in-house database compared to other market and business website such as and

Motial Oswal MF

  • Does not allow starting of STP or SWP.